by True Vision

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released March 6, 2015

Razor, Cal, Toward, Pimmy



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Track Name: Foolproof
Clean up your act
I'll expose the truth
Come correct with respect
I'm fucking fool proof
Read between the lines
It's rightly mine
My life, my pride and the legs I fucking stand on

You can't fool me

No damage has been done
Nor will it ever be
I'm coming down hard
But you think you're gunna break me
We were here first
Long before your day
By now you should have learnt
That you've out welcomed your stay

You can't fool me
I'm shutting you down
Track Name: True Vision
Anger consumes me and swallows me whole
You feel nothing for the things you do it's taking its toll
Pull yourself together or I'll beat the guilt into you
Stop playing the victim or your life is over too

I've seen a man
Pent up and crumble before
Surrounded by liars, of which he does despise
The words don't come out, just hate in his eyes

You've tried and you've tested me I can see who you want to be
Infiltrate, spout your shit, spread your disease

I won't back down to your evil ways
Strength in numbers I remember those days
Living so guilty, furthest from free
All time consumed, don't expect shit from me

Pent up
Track Name: React
I've got my back pushed up against the wall
I've set myself up and I'm trying not to fall
Thrown it all away, for no personal gain, but the tables have turned and you're full of shame

Drop the act, the personal attacks, one more step and we're gonna react

Turn your head and walk away
Don't you think you've said enough there's no more game to play
Spread your filth and drown yourself in ignorance
You stand accused, not one more fucking chance

Tearing you apart
Track Name: Keep It Away
Pouring in the streets and drowning in drink
Pissing on the city that you've chose to live in
I'm slaving away trying to better my day
But you're standing on my feet
Get out my fucking way

What the fuck are you contributing to?
I'm sick of it all and what you subject us to

I'll still hold my head high while you're still getting high
Coming out on top, that you can't deny
You'll forget your every day, if you don't keep that shit away
Fix yourself up, before it gets too late

A decadence, a slippery slope
I'm watching you fall and how none of you can cope
I'm a ticking fucking time bomb waiting to blow
Mark my words, I've now been heard Watch me rise and grow
Track Name: Nothing To Prove
There are many people like you
Who run their mouth and act mighty and proud
You look for acceptance and to please the crowd
Your bitterness is tragic
You don't know what it's about

You bring nothing to the table
Saying you're tired and bored of labels
Enjoy your life without, knew you wouldn't last
You're already forgotten, you're a thing of the past

Fuck you and everything you do
You can't prove nothing when you've nothing to prove

Trying and I'm trying and I'm trying and I'm trying
I'll keep doing what I'm doing
Whilst you sit there acting tough
Trying and I'm trying and I'm trying and I'm trying
Patience wearing thin
I've fucking had enough